Ont-moet Jezelf

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While we’re busy in our heads hoping to be loved or wanting others to change, we miss ourselves…the tension in our bodies, the undercurrent of anxiety, and the tender emotions that need our loving attention. Turn inward to meet your experience with kindness and love, and miracles happen. Finally, you’re connected, alive, real, and at peace.

Gail Brenner

The most important thing to know about your sexuality is that it’s yours – completely and permanently.
You get to choose if, when, how and with whom to share it. No one else has the right to choose for you.
The next thing to know is that your capacity for pleasure is a natural part of being human. You don’t have to earn it. You were born with it. You are whole and complete, loving and lovable.

Betty Martin

Betty Martin.org

Renée Kruisdijk-foto-Ubuntu Bodywork-Amsterdam

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